Thursday, July 23, 2009

Josh's HomeadeTeriyaki Sauce

This is great as a chicken dressing or to even make your own chicken teriyaki pizza (personal fav) Super easy and super tastey!

1c- soy sauce
1c- brown sugar
1- clove minced garlic
green onion (as much as you'd like)
1/2c- puree pineapple

Combine in sauce pan. Keep on low and let it simmer until you're ready to use. Stir often.

Allayna McCann


  1. oooh me likey..I've never tried that w/ the pineapple juice. This is also an AWESOME marinating sauce, Joshy's got the good tastebuds! Can't wait to try it w/ the juice.

  2. Josh's teriyaki sauce is great. His chicken teriyaki pizza is the best!